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  • Have never “worked” at PSYCHe a day in our lives

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Parent Coach
Licensed or Pre-Licensed Clinicians

PSYCHē, PLLC is in search of a new Parent Coach to join our team. The role of a parent coach is just that--a coach. The parents of our adolescent and college age clients are each provided with their own behavioral coach to assist in psychoeducation, setting limits and boundaries, minimizing conflict, creating reasonable expectations, and stabilizing the home environment.

This is not therapy, it is more like Parenting 101 for the emotionally dysregulated and/or oppositional child—but with a personal, private tutor.  We’ve found that it’s almost impossible to treat kids without teaching the family a few things too. Our best parent coaches are not afraid to give direct, explicit instructions, are firm, and have strong opinions when it comes to how to keep “at-risk” kids and adolescents safe. Parent coaches also take on a variety of other clients, but their primary proficiency is in anticipating adolescent behavior and creating behavioral plans that head off problems before they begin.  

Since parent coaching isn’t psychotherapy, providers may be either licensed or pre-licensed professionals, as long as they are a good fit. It takes a strong and somewhat fearless personality to be a successful parent coach, and most of us who do it seem to have been born this way. Please feel free to reach out to us or forward this message along to anyone you think might be a good fit. We are looking for tough cookies with a smooth, glossy exterior ( to help the “medicine" go down :). 

We offer excellent benefits for our full time staff including stellar health insurance, freedom in scheduling, personal housekeeping services (in your home), free CEU’s, office space in the Gulch, and all of the baubles and trinkets that come along with being a member of the PSYCHē Squad. 

Inquires can be sent to with the subject line “Parent Coach Applicant” for more information.